Sunday, January 23, 2011

About Me

I was born in Sendawar village Bengkulu Sumatra Indonesia in July 17th, during my Childhood I spent my time in the farm and river. I start Education when I was five years old in Taman Kanak Kanak Padang Jati Bengkulu, I start my elementary School at SD 40 Bengkulu from 1989-1995, and my Secondary School at Islamic Boarding School al-Mukmin Solo from 1995-2001, I start my Education journey when I was accepted in Al-Azhar University Cairo Egypt in 2002, from this old university, I learn much about Shariah how it is applied in Law, Banking, Finance, Medical etc. Hence my Interested are in Islamic Banking and finance, I finished my study in 2006 with 3 years and 8 months). I continued to postgraduate study in Institute of Islamic Banking and Finance (IIBF) International Islamic University Malaysia in 2007, from this study, I learn much about the issues in islamic banking and finance. However, I start seeing my weaknesses in the are of conventional finance, so in 2008 I took the Second Master in finance to learn in deep about conventional one. after I accomplished my Msc. Finance, I continue my Ph.D in 2010 to learn more about the issues in Islamic Banking and finance, either in the sense of products or services.
My Activity is more on research regarding the issues in islamic banking and finance, teaching, giving training and lecturer, and presenting and speaker in international conference.


I Have Given Training on Islamic Banking, Islamic Insurance, and Islamic Capital Market in Indonesia to low level management until high level management. I have been wrote many articles in well known Indonesian Newspaper and Magazines relating to islamic economic, banking and finance, insurance, capital market and so on. since my popularity increase from time to time, many universities in Indonesia invite to be a speaker in national seminar, international conference, Public Lecture or Stadium general in many provinces in Indonesia. my experience in Islamic Banking and Takaful help me so much in explaining the issues in Islamic finance since i do have background in sharia, i can mitigate the gap between theory and practice. other than that, I also active in sending research paper in many international conference in the world such as Sudan, Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia and so on. my last position in PT Takaful Indonesia as Sharia Compliance Group where I assist President Director of PT Takaful Keluarga and PT Takaful Umum in ensuring the all products in the market comply with sharia, and structure the product in accordance with sharia with actuaries and product department. My Expertise in Sharia such as Fiqh Muamalah, Ushul Fiqh, Qowaid al Fiqhiyyah help me so much in understanding Islamic Finance (Insurance, Banking and Capital Market) in very deep manner. Therefore, many Islamic Bank in Indonesia invite to speak about Islamic Finance, Conduct Training as well as become a consultant for certain issues. in the future, I wan to be  Islamic Finance Expert who hold good position as decision maker in islamic finance industries such as Director or President Director for Big Islamic Bank in the World, a part from that, i will wrote many books and articles in many journal and magazine, so that islamic finance will be understood by whole people in the world regardless what religion they believe.


  1. Assalamualaikum wr. wb. That's an incredible profile. I hope that could motivate people just like me. Thank you very much.


  2. Kang, Ini dengan Ade Suyitno Mahasiswa UPI BAndung anggota KSEI SCIEmics. Salam Kenal Kang


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