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Dear Ms. Sri Adelila Sari

Statistics is the science of designing studies or experiments, collecting data and modeling / analyzing data for the purpose of decision making and scientific discovery when the available information is both limited and variable. Statistics is the science of learning from data.

SYSTAT is a high value, integrated desktop statistics and graphics software package for Scientists, Engineers, and Statisticians that provides the most extensive selection of reliable statistics and high quality, interactive graphics at its price point, enabling customers to analyze their data, make meaningful discoveries, and present their results more efficiently than any other statistics or graphics tool.

  • Statistical Analysis with SYSTAT
  • Finding the best predictor with Best Subset Regression
  • Examine the Fitness of Statistical Models 
    using Confirmatory Factor Analysis
  • Polynomial Regression
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Non-parametric Test Suite
  • Analyze large Data Sets
  • Add polish to your research with stunning 2D and 3D Graphs
  • Create and edit graphs with Ease
  • Question Answers Session.
This Half day (9AM~12PM) workshops will introduce and outline methodologies that empowers participants with a comprehensive desktop statistics package that is simple enough for beginners, yet powerful enough for experts. It gives you a broad portfolio of complex statistical methods - with robust simulation and scripting capabilities - all inside a customizable and user-friendly interface. 
University of Malaya
Date :   31st MAR 2011, 
(09:00 AM ~ 12:00PM)
Venue : Level 5, Wisma R&D, 
Academic Development Centre (ADeC), UM

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Who Should Attend :
Researchers, Scientists, Engineers, Academician or Individual :
Which are usually involved in experimental research 
• Most likely creating primary data through experiments or observation, rather than studying secondary data available from other sources 
• Tend to study academic statistics, natural sciences, medicine and/or social science 
• Often have panel or longitudinal data from studying subjects over time 
• Use graphics heavily to discover (known and unknown) patterns in their data 
• Need the exact measurement or statistical algorithm required for the research design, even if it requires programming or hand calculation 
• Often work under a grant and are budget conscious

If you have any enquiries, please contact us at:
Solutions 4U Sdn Bhd (706527-A) 36-1, Plaza Puchong, Jalan Puchong Mesra 1, 58200 Kuala Lumpur 
Contact: +603 8071 1300 Email:

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Special Guest Speaker
Hussain Ali, has an M.Sc. in Applied Statistics, MPhil in Quality Control and MBA. A statistics and analytics consultant by profession, Hussain has more than 7 years of experience in the Quality Control, Analytical Research Product Development with strong data handling and EDA preparation skills.

Hussain has acquired hands on experience in taking the statistical and mathematical competence that is available within Cranes and providing solutions to different research/academic verticals with primary focus on medical research, life environmental sciences.  Hussain is familiar with forecasting techniques like time series, principal component and harmonic regression in predicting future scenarios. Strong in computing and storing statistical summaries that facilitate sophisticated analysis as well as summary based analysis.

Need powerful, flexible statistics and graphics 
• Typically choose from a wide selection of statistical methods and visualizations 
• to choose the best method for their data 
• to confirm results with multiple methods 
• to explore data from different angles 
• Use compelling 2D and 3D graphics to present findings to audiences 
• Need to meet the highest standards of reliability and clarity for academic publication 
• Graphs specific to scientific and technical analysis 
• Don’t want to create cumbersome programs routines for quick jobs; need speedy analysis 
• Rely upon documentation that digs deep into their applications and analyses
NotesPre-registration are required to reserve a seat.

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